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Alpha Wars

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Added on: Apr 3, 2015

Alpha Wars overview

Alpha Wars is a web browser based, strategy war game. Alpha Wars allows you to build up the largest army you can, and lead them into battle against other players. Fighting against other players is in real-time. To have the most conquering army, you need to build up your industry. To do so, the earth’s last resources are needed to keep your army up and running efficiently!

Most players have been loyal gamers since the original release. Alpha Wars is based in the Orion Constellation and you have to defend your base against the Andromeda Army. It is all about building up your army using an industry of different types of machinery to do so. Your war base is powered by resources. Everybody starts off with the same basic buildings to go into battle with. The buildings use the resources gathered to construct war machines. Things like tanks, jets, drones, vehicles, helicopters, etc.

Features of the game are always being updated and added. Just to name a few, there is a survival mode, you have to last as long as you can against the never ending army. The controls become updated periodically to play the game with ease. If you so happen to fail a level, you’re allowed to continue from the same level. Profile management is available. Allow other players to see your stats and message others.

Alpha Wars is a timeless browser based war game. Build your army and lead them into battle against the Andromeda Army in the Orion Constellation. Fight against other players in real time. Alpha Wars is strongly recommended for anyone looking for a challenging game to make them use their head when going into war.

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