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Added on: Apr 6, 2015

Nova Genesis overview

Nova Genesis, a free to play MMORPG available for Mac and PC is developed and published by Reality Squared Games (R2Games).

Launched on January 9, 2015, Nova Genesis is a beautifully executed RPG that draws the player in from the first screen. With the ability to join other players in two party dungeons, the Labyrinth and the Dreamscape, and even build a home base called a Zenith, Nova Genesis offers something for everyone.

From the dark core of the planet Cerulea, a race known as the Pyroi has broken free with only one goal: to destroy the other races who live in peace and harmony and claim the planet for their own. They have not yet accomplished this because they need the Nova Weapons. Do the Heroes have the ability stop them and send them back to the core before time runs out?

Besides choosing to go through the game as a Wraith, Corsair, or a Psyon, they may join others and become immersed in both PvE and PvP battles in this Sci-Fi/Fantasy game with an astounding amount of world building. Besides searching for weapons and battling NPC’s, players can use their keyboards to unlock powerful hidden talents for the Heroes.

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