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Added on: Apr 2, 2015

Soldiers INC overview

Soldiers Inc. is a mind blowing and electrifying browser based MMORTS game that captures a series of modern warfare inspired by the real world.

The stage is a fictional Republic of Zandia located in Africa.

It ranges in the early years of 21st century. The game uses modern tech units, 3d globe based and massively multiplayer.The Plarium company is to be thanked for the great innovation and release of soldiers Inc.

The dreadful MMORTS, MMO, RTS dates in the year 2019 where foreign companies with the help of multinational corporations raw over mineral resources in Zandia.The commander in chief needs to plan his strategy, develop logistics, conduct diplomacy and master his warfare strategy and techniques.

To succeed one has to efficiently use the three valuable resources; rations, munitions and fuel. The game authorizes obtaining resources by trading with accomplices and also rivals. The game requires one to master and avail different strategic features of the game.

The player needs to join or form a Combine of his own to increase the sphere of interest. The Combines help to achieve reinforcements and resources. It takes a team of many for a few to survive in order to win the war. Making it a war business.

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