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Added on: Apr 2, 2015

Sparta overview

Sparta: War of Empires, set in ancient Greece requires players to build, sustain, and defend their own City-State.

They must do this through choosing and buying the right supplies, buildings, and a variety of military units at the right times. The game is browser based and in-game purchases can be made which adds some pay to win elements.

It features very high quality 3D graphics and real-time strategy game play that challenges players to choose their friends and enemies wisely. The game also includes fully voiced audio tutorials.

Released on the 13th of March in 2014 by Plarium, the game falls in the genre of MMORTS (massively multiplayer online real-time strategy game).

Put in the middle of a war between Xerxes and the Persian Empire in the fifth century B.C. Greece, players are required to manage their three main resources; grain, bronze and timber. All the while, they must maintain a strategy that will win them wars and help defeat the enemy City-State. The story line features well known and accurate historical characters such as King Leonidas. Plarium offers periodic updates to the game that feature new characters, new maps and new missions.

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