Urban Rivals for Android Now Available

Published on: 27 January, 2012
Urban Rivals
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Urban Rivals for Android Now Available

Not every game translates well as a phone app, but Urban Rivals is perhaps the best fit for smart phone gaming around, so it’s great news to find that the Android version is finally available for beta testing. The collectible card game-turned-MMORPG is a natural for the Android, and you’ll get to find that out for yourself by downloading the beta version and putting it through its paces.

Search for it in the¬†Android Market¬†and you’re bound to find it. When you do, check out this list of devices that support Adobe Air — you’ll need it to play the game. The mobile version is optimized for the platform, featuring bigger buttons and a streamlined layout. You’ll also be able to shop via your Android phone; currently, you can buy via text message or debit card. You can also earn credits via programs like Tapjoy, something they used to offer for iPhones as well until Apple said no.

Give the open beta a try and see what you think, then tell the devs so they can continue to improve the Android version.

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